Checksum Compare is a program that computes and verifies SHA1 and MD5 hashes.
Comparing files/directories has never been that simple !


Checksum Compare
  1. Pick your directories.
  2. Choose a Hash Algorithm.
  3. Click compare.
  4. You're done !

Version History

New Version to come. No ETA. Expect bug fixes and new features. I'll also try and make it crossplateform.
Current Version: v1.42
Portable Version was saving configuration in AppData.
Now saved into executable directory.
Older Version: v1.4
Result Window at the end of comparison.
Fix / Info
Windows 10 Support (If you got an Error message (privilege) when installing,
try running the installer as Administrator.)
Last version before a complete rewrite of the code to make it available on
Windows/Linux/Mac OSX (No ETA, pretty Busy for now)
Older Version: v1.3
Popular Request => Added an Address bar!
You can now easily navigate, just past your folder path and press Enter.
Windows 8 Support (If you got an Error message (privilege) when installing,
try running the installer as Administrator.)
Some little bugs.
Code clean-up
Older Version: v1.2
Compare folders recursively !
You can now refresh views separately
You can now compare specific files/directories in addition to Compare All
Added shortcuts for md5/sha1 computing
Drag and drop now compare files only if required
Are now considered same files, files with the same hash and filename
Now creates 1 hash file per file when multpile files are selected
Better compatibility with other .md5/.sha1 files
Some Minor Tweaks
Older Version: v1.1
You can now create .md5/.sha1 files.
Comparison against previously created .md5/.sha1 files.
You can now associate Checksum Compare with .md5/.sha1 files
Excluding/including files is now available.
Total time including comparison.
Autoscroll toggable. (Turn off with large number of files for better performance)

Older Version: v1.0
Open files in explorer.
You can now interrupt computing at any time.