MD5/SHA1 Checksum
Quickly compute MD5/SHA1 Hashes
Compare multiple files
Select files in each directory and click on compare. You're set!
Hash for an entire directory
Compute hashes for all files in a given directory
Compare 2 directories against each other
Easily (one-click) compare 2 directories (Backups/DVDs/...)
Create hash files
Create .md5 or .sha1 files usable by other checksum programs
Check against hash file
Verify your files with previously .md5 or .sha1 created files
Check against pasted hashes
Check a file with a given md5/sha1 (After a download)
Copy/Paste results (Filename | Path | Size | Hash)
Easily create your own custom hash files
Easily exclude/include files from compare
Excluding/including with one click!
Work with large size files. (Tested on files with size up to 32 GB)
Yup, no limit!
Work with large number of files.(Comparing tested on 2 directories with 30k+ files)
Support drag-and-drop
As simple as that
... as hell
Blame your Hard Drive if it isn't fast enough!


Checksum Compare
Checksum Compare
Checksum Compare
Checksum Compare
Checksum Compare
  1. Compute MD5 of selected file(s)
  2. Compute MD5 for all files in directory
  3. Create a .md5 file
  4. Create a .md5 file for entire directory
  5. Check a MD5/SHA1 Hash against a file
Checksum Compare
  • If you want to launch multiple
  • files from Windows Explorer,
  • Use the "Send To" context menu!